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Journey towards NET ZERO

Perrys Recycling have been monitoring and measuring our carbon footprint and recycling tonnages for a number of years. We have a corporate and social responsibility strategy with continuous improvement in carbon reduction with procurement of energy efficient equipment and vehicles. We have invested in tree planting & conservation projects at our farmland in Somerton, Sparkford & Marston Magna (19,645 trees planted since 2002) and have a 50Kwh solar system at our Bridgwater depot (2017) and a 250Kwh solar system at our Marston Magna depot (2022). This demonstrates our environmental commitment, and continuous journey toward NET ZERO strategy.

In today’s environment running a transport fleet of vehicles is more challenging than ever, with business resilience and backup plans to support customer service paramount in today’s uncertain world. There are regulations on suppliers to meet strict targets on net zero carbon emissions net zero by 2050 and the phasing out of petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2035. It has become very obvious every business has to look at all aspects of its operation to support these targets. Perrys Recycling have been looking in to the following ways in which we can reach the goal of becoming net zero on carbon emissions. We are continuously updating and maintaining our fleet to the latest Euro 6 engine emissions, and looking at all options available in new technologies – ie Euro 6E engines Hydrogen, Electric, cooking oil to either reduce our carbon emissions and achieve NET ZERO.

Perrys Recycling multi-material collection service for paper (shred & recycle service), cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, cups, batteries, fluorescent tubes, glass, WEEE, can reduce our customers carbon footprint, with fewer vehicle movements.

Perrys Recycling is pleased to be certified towards reducing greenhouse emissions and journey to NET ZERO. Read about our success story.

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