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A family run busines since 1962

Our History

Founded by Brian Perry, Perrys Recycling continues to be run by Brian’s family. Christopher Perry (son) is Managing Director, Nick Perry (nephew) is Production Director, Matthew Perry (son) is Transport Director and Samantha Perry (daughter) is Sales Director.

We have four depots strategically positioned across the South West to give access via the M5 corridor and A303 to cover the whole South West efficiently. We have depots in Avonmouth, Appledore, Bridgwater and Marston Magna (H/Q).

We run a fleet of 30 vehicles, employing approximately 70 people and process in excess of 35,000 tonnes per year, recycling over 40 grades of paper, cardboard, polythene, plastics, metal, cans, wood and glass to mills in the UK, Europe and Asia.


Brian’s father Claude Perry started using a horse and cart to collect paper sacks from farms in Somerset and Devon.


Brian developed the recycling business at his parent’s small farm in Brooks Road, Street, Somerset, specialising in the collection of paper sacks from local farms and businesses. Processing 5 tonnes per week by hand.


First recycling depot set up at The Old Cider Stores, Baltonsborough, Somerset.


Ron Perry, Brian’s brother, joined the business. His hands-on, enthusiastic can-do approach was a great asset and laid the foundation for our core values.

Mid 1970’s

Added warehousing, modern baling plant, storage and fleet of lorries developing into the collection of waste paper from local printers and industrial premises. New sales markets established in Europe. Processing 150 tonnes per week, with the help of Brian’s brother Ron. The business was formed into a Limited Company with Ron and Brian’s wife Valerie becoming Directors.


There was a growing need to develop markets to sell recyclable material for the small independent business and Brian became a founder member of the Independent Waste Paper Processors Association (IWPPA), now known as The Recycling Association.

Nick Perry joined the business, training in all areas of production. Become Foreman in 1978, Depot Manager in 1986 and Production Director in 1998.


Brian introduced the paper bank concept into the South West, in conjunction with local authorities. This proved very successful and economically sustainable, and is now the standard in the UK. This stimulated the boom in recycling from the community.


Developed our Taunton depot which improved service to local customers.


Samantha Perry joined the business, training in all areas of administration. Today she is Company Secretary and Sales Director.


Christopher Perry joined the business, after completing his training with Mayside Limited in Guernsey for 3 years, which covered all aspects of running a recycling depot. Initially assisting Ron Perry with existing customers and expanding our range of services to customers.


Head Office relocated to Marston Magna, and was now capable of handling over 1,000 tonnes per week, with approximately 30 different grades of paper, polythene and various recyclables.


Matthew Perry joined the business, driving the lorries and gaining experience in all aspects of the maintenance and legal requirements of running a transport fleet assisting Ron and taking over the role as Transport Director.


Confidential Shredding and Destruction facility expanded to handle paper records and other items in line with the Data Protection Act 1998, and the development of our Shred & Recycle services, working to industry standard BSEN15713 within ISO90001 quality procedures.


Relocation of our Taunton depot to Bridgwater, with extra investment in bigger baling and shredding equipment. This enabled us to cope with increased demand and expand our range of recycling services to customers.


Brian Perry steps away from day-to-day involvement in the business, becoming chairman, with his son Chris Perry becoming managing director.


Developed a range of recycling and waste management services to our existing and new customers, in line with increased landfill tax, corporate and social responsibilities, carbon footprint assessments and the promotion of B2B and B2C green credentials in new business and products.


Further investment in shredding and other equipment at Marston Magna in order to expand our processing and handling capabilities.


Investment in a high-security mobile shredding lorry. Enabling shredding to be carried out at customer premises with a certificate of destruction issued on-site.


Dave Hannaford and Adam Perry (Brian’s great-nephew) joined the company and developed the rigid plastics division, adding value to our customers in broadening the range of recycling services.


Brian’s grandchildren (Jack, Megan, Jessica, Alexander, Isabelle and Benjamin), contribute towards the family business by helping promote the Charity paper bank scheme ‘Local recycling for local needs’ with £10 for every tonne recovered going to the Somerset Community Foundation Trust and local worthy causes.


Charity paper banks raise £3,200 for Somerset Community Foundation and a new charity paper bank scheme launched supporting Dorset Community Foundation.


Investment in High-Security Double Shredding Lorry to ensure customer compliance in a world of increased security risks.


Since launch in 2010, Perrys paper banks have raised £15,000 for Somerset Community Foundation.

Investment in 50Kw Solar PV at Bridgwater depot.


On 17th May 2018 Brian Perry died. Chris Perry said “He was great father, mentor, boss and character with a mischievous sense of humour and merriment only outshone by his infectious laugh…!  He will be greatly missed by his family, friends and colleagues in the recycling industry”.


Big investment in high-security, high-volume shredder Lindner Micromat 2000 at Marston Magna depot. With ever-increasing demands for secure shredding of confidential paper records in conjunction with General Data Protection Act Regulations and Industry best practice standards BSEN15713 to shred material in shorter time frames and potentially to different shred sizes, we invested in the future to service our customers’ needs and ensure future legal compliance.


March Covid19 global pandemic affects the world and as Key workers providing recycling and waste management services to the NHS, food manufactures, factories, warehousing, retail etc we implemented safe control measures to protect staff, suppliers and customers whilst maintaining a robust and effect service and hence ensuring continuity of supplying the recycling mills in producing more tissue papers and packaging.


Consolidating resources and resilience backup plans with investment in staff, plant and equipment, suppliers and stake holders to ensure business continuity for the future. Improving our Covid safety control measures and service to customers.


60 Years

Celebrating 60 years of Recycling, Shredding and Waste to Energy Services to our customers.

‘Perrys Recycling with the support of its loyal customers, staff, suppliers and stakeholders will continue to provide ethical, reliable and sustainable solutions to customers, with personal and friendly service. We are working with the Waste to Energy industry in developing further regional opportunities for residue waste whilst maximising recycling services. Also part of our environmental commitment towards the journey to NET ZERO we are continuously monitoring our carbon footprint, investing in energy efficient plant and equipment and carbon reduction tree planting and solar energy.’

Managing Director, Christopher Perry