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Waste to Energy Services

Perrys can provide a complete recycling and Energy from Waste recovery service for residual waste, promoting your environmental commitment towards Zero Waste to Landfill and journey towards Net Zero.

Waste to Energy


NET Zero Carbon benefits of recycling makes a real difference by utilising a resource again and again, reduces the amount of waste sent to incinerators or landfill, conserves our planets natural resources and saves energy with closed loop recycling and recovery. Recycling is also cheaper than recovery options and landfill.

Waste to energy is about taking residual commercial and industrial waste (waste that is left over when all the recycling possible has been done) and turning it into a useable form of energy through incineration.

Therefore, waste to energy services work best in conjunction with our Recycling Led Waste Management approach, with source segregated recycling services helping you to recycle as much of your waste as possible, to support your compliance with:

  • The Environmental Protection Act 2021 section 57, separate collection of industrial or commercial recycling and waste’.
  • Waste Regulations 2011 – The revised Waste Framework Directive places greater emphasis on the waste hierarchy to ensure that waste is dealt with in the priority order of: prevention, preparing for re-use, recycling, other recovery (for example, energy recovery), and disposal. The waste hierarchy is good practice which businesses should adopt as a matter of course.
  • Landfill Regulations 2002 – Pre-Treatment of waste, meaning all waste producers must pre-treat their waste in conjunction with their responsibility under the Duty of Care regulations. The easiest solution for most companies is to segregate material stream and recycling, with residue waste going to Waste to Energy recovery.

We can provide the complete Recycling and waste to energy service for your business, directly or indirectly through our approved network of waste service providers, with recycling & recovery tonnage and carbon saved reports supporting your CO2 reporting needs.