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Jul 20, 2021 | Recycling News

In the last 12 months the waste & recycling industries have seen an unprecedented awarness to reduce waste and especially plastics. The David Attenborough ‘BBC Blue Planet II’ has been widely heralded as a key moment sparking the war on plastics, with 88% of people who saw the programe have now changing their Lifestyle, away from single use contaminated plastics to more sutainable and recyclable packaging.

Global recycling markets to process contaminated recyclables has seen a major backlash with limited UK processing capacity and Asian countries imposing more import restrictions and new CICC Quality control regulations, targeting on poor quality material. There have been new developing markets in other Asian countries since China closed their doors however these countries including India, Malaysia and Vietnam simply have little or no environmental protection systems in place to prevent the massive pollution that is happening on a vast scale.This is an unacceptable impact on our environment and the need to raise the awareness of source segregated sustainable recycling is paramount.

Perrys Recycling are members of the TRA (The Recycling Association) who has long been advocating the need for Quality first for recycling to be simplified with manufacturers using sustainable packaging  and source segregated recycling (

The UK Government’s policy is to promote recycling and tax on landfill increases year on year. Therefore as 1st April 2019 the tax will be £91.35 from £88.95 per tonne, then jumping to £94.15 per tonne in April 2020. This in conjunction with operators increases in overheads and the impact of BREXIT for operating Landfill, RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) & EFW (Energy from Waste) facilities, and transport costs which are pushing the cost of disposal higher.

Perrys Recycling promote Recycling Led Waste Management Solutions to customers, by recycling as much as possible, then providing a zero waste to landfill services for the residue waste. Perrys also operate plastic recycling plants to process sustainable plastic films, bottles and rigid plastic containers.

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