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Glastonbury Festival 2022

Aug 31, 2022 | Recycling News

Glastonbury Festival 26th June 2022 – ‘Green Pledge in action’

Perrys Recycling supporting ‘The GREEN Pledge’ – (Reuse, Reduce, Respect) remains a key responsibility of all festival goers having a duty to make sure the farmland on which it stands is looked after. With over 200,000 people visiting and working across this sprawling site, reducing the environmental impact Glastonbury Festival is a huge task.

Critical Waste are specialist festival management company, successfully managing Glastonbury festival for over 10 years.  With the environmental pledges being promoted on the big screens in between each performance, in conjunction to the 15,000 painted colour coded bins (recyclables, compostable, and other rubbish), 100 recycling pens across all the campsites with stewards providing campers additional recycling & rubbish bags.  Then there’s an army of festival recycling crews – field pickers, collection crews, sorting materials into segregated waste streams for processing with local environmental companies, all working hard

RECYCLED   (source segregated & recycled)  – Perrys Recycling Ltd

Cardboard – recycled back into new board packaging.

Paper – recycling back into printing and tissue paper products.

Cans –  (mainly ‘Cider’) – recycling back into metal products and packaging.

Glass – recycling back into glass packaging.

Plastic (bottles, film, bar piping) – Plastic bottles significantly reduced volumes again this year recycled back into bottles, plastic sheeting, plastic bar pipe all recycled.

ANAEROBIC DIGESTION (Renewable energy) – Malaby Biogas Ltd.

Food waste

Wooden cutlery, corn starch plates etc.

RUBBISH – (Waste to Energy)  Commercial Recycling Ltd

Mixed municipal waste (non-recyclable)

Basically, a BIG thank you to all the festival goers for contributing to the Green pledge,   and all the helpers, recycling crews and local companies for their environmental support with such an iconic Music & Performing Arts Festival.


Glastonbury Festival ‘Green pledge’

Critical Waste  ‘The Festival waste management’

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